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Thinking about bagging yourself a customer marketing membership plan? Want to see how much bang you'll be getting for your buck first? We get that.

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January 2023:


CAB strategy one-pager

B2B persona questions - Masterlist

Exclusive content:

Customer marketing: Delighting customers at scale

What I learned from some of the best customer marketing and advocacy teams in the world

December 2022:


B2C persona questions - Masterlist

Win/loss email invite templates

Exclusive content:

Stand out from the crowd by adding a human touch to customer marketing.

3 points to help you engage your customers with effective communication.

November 2022:


Messaging framework

Customer cast study questions Masterlist

Exclusive content:

Early access to Customer Marketing Salary Report 2022.

3 points to help you engage your customers with effective communication.

Get ahead of churn and boost revenue: Aligning on product adoption.

October 2022:


Inactive user template

Competitive intel checklist

Exclusive content:

The three building blocks every advocacy program needs.

How consumer choice and cloud hyperscalers have changed the way B2B products are brought to market.

September 2022:


Storytelling framework

Follow-up emails for non responsive prospects template

Exclusive content:

Establishing a customer marketing strategy and developing advocates.

How customer marketers should improve their engagement and marketing for 2022.

August 2022:


B2C buyer persona template

B2C buyer persona example

Exclusive content:

Early access to the State of Customer Marketing Report 2022.

A/B testing: Your ticket to defining high-intent customers for funnel acceleration

Building and scaling up your customer reference program to support business growth

Prioritize personas to build a detailed lifecycle framework

July 2022:


Cross-selling email template

Product upselling email template

Exclusive content:

Turning loyal customers into raving champions