Hi, folks! Thank you so much for checking out my article on delighting customers at scale – the topic that first got me excited about customer marketing. My name is Patrick Kalie. I’m a Customer Marketing Manager at a company called Quorum in Washington DC, where we make software for public affairs professionals.

Patrick Kalie is now a Senior Customer Marketing Manager at Swoogo.

Before I became a customer marketing manager, I was a customer success manager, creating delightful experiences one on one with each of my customers. I wanted to do that on a bigger scale, so I became a customer marketing manager. Now I’m able to take what I learned as a customer success manager and spread it across our entire user base to create one delightful customer journey.

Today, my goals are to share my formula for delight (which is just a pretentious way of saying, “These are the things I look for whenever I'm trying to create a delightful experience”) and give you a bunch of tactics to make delightful experiences. I hope you come out of this with a few ideas to bring up at your next team meeting or implement for your user base.