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Customer marketing

There’s currently a gaping hole in the customer marketing scene and we’re here to fill it. Our community’s a chance to level up your skills with direct peer-to-peer collaboration, debate, and development.

Better yet, this is a resource available to you on a daily basis, wherever, and whenever you want.

Need a question answered asap? You’ll have a huge collection of people at your fingertips to reach out to and continue supporting you on your learning and career journey.

We’re a community that’ll continue to grow and we’ll always be happy to hear from you!

The ground we cover

⏰  Keep up to date with all things Customer Marketing Alliance related with the announcement, fresh content, and events channels.

💭  Have your queries answered with the dedicated customer marketing questions channel.

💼  Looking to climb the career ladder? Find your next position, or your next hire, in our dedicated jobs channel.

😁  Connect and have fun! Don’t worry, customer marketers don’t bite, and with lots of learning opportunities going on, there’s always room for socializing too.

How to begin

Step 1: Fill in our form at the top of the page.

Step 2: Introduce yourself to everyone using the 'Introductions' channel.

Step 3: Familiarize yourself with our channels and see which is right for you. Join one or all of them, whichever suits you best. And don’t be afraid to ask us questions if you’re confused.

Step 4: Take the floor! Begin to get involved by asking questions, and answering others. Share resources with the group, and start conversations. It’s all yours to play with.


How much is it to join?

It’s free! Our community costs nothing to join and that won’t ever change.

Can I promote my company's products?

That’s a no, unfortunately. Our community is about sharing knowledge between independent professionals, and we don’t want anything getting in the way of that. If there is a conversation going on that you feel will really benefit from your mentioning of the product then go ahead, but please be transparent about your relationship with it.

Can I invite other people to join?Absolutely! The more the merrier. 🥳  And they don’t have to be specific to customer marketing either. If you feel our community will help them, then other professions are welcome too.