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Jeni Asaba: Hi, everybody, my name is Jeni Asaba. I oversee Community Engagement and Advocacy at a technology company that's based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I'm incredibly excited to be here with Jen. Jen, would you like to introduce yourself?

Jennifer Susinski: Thanks, Jeni. I'm Jennifer Susinski, and I manage the Global Customer Experience and Advocacy program at HPE. I’m really chuffed to be here.

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Customer advocacy versus customer marketing

Jennifer Susinski: I'd like to first kick off our Fireside Chat by getting your thoughts on customer advocacy versus customer marketing. Do you think they're one and the same, or are they two different buckets?

Jeni Asaba: I love this topic. This comes up a lot in conversations around advocacy programs, and what I encourage people to ask themselves when they think about this is can you have one without the other? So can you have customer advocacy without customer marketing and vice versa? And does that matter?

I wholeheartedly believe that customer marketing is a natural byproduct of any successful customer advocacy program, but the reverse is not always, if ever, true.