We catch up with Dave Hansen, Sinead O'Grada, Tim Newborn, and Josh Zerkel to talk about the best ways to develop an advocacy program that'll actually make an impact.  

How advocacy creates impact

Dave Hansen

Let’s start with the end result, so we can see where we’re headed. What does advocacy mean for you and your organization, and what is its potential impact?

Sinead O'Grada

Customer advocacy really means having the customer at the heart of everything that we do. It’s about listening to and responding to what they need and want, based on the opportunities or headwinds that they may be facing in their market.

When we can show tangible outcomes for our partners and the SMB businesses that we work with – whether that’s helping them to stay open during challenging times, or enabling them to find and retain new employees – it helps us to tell the story of the impact of our program, which in turn creates more buy-in from stakeholders and more opportunities for growth and expansion.