This was a talk transcribed from one of our sister community events. If you’re interested in seeing these kinds of talks in person, we’re coming to New York, December 3rd.

About our panelists

Margot Leong: I'm Margo Leong. And I'm the host of Beating the Drum, a podcast about the art and science of customer advocacy. I’m so thrilled to be able to interview my good friend Lindsay Molina. She is an absolutely breathtaking, incredible customer marketer, but I'm gonna let her introduce herself.

Lindsay Molina: Thanks, Margot. I don't know what to say after that lovely intro, but I'm Lindsay Molina. I currently the Director of Corporate Marketing at Webflow. Prior to that, I was head of customer marketing at Slack for two and a half years, I led customer marketing teams at MuleSoft, and I was in customer marketing at Poly, previously Polycom. I’ve been in the customer marketing biz for about eight years now, and I just love learning from and networking with other customer marketers.

How COVID changed the world of customer marketing

Margot Leong: Lindsay and I were thinking about what would be the best topic to focus on amidst all of these other amazing topics. What we landed on was the future of work and how engagement has changed now we're all interacting remotely.

As we all know, this has been an insane time. COVID has changed everything, but when it comes to customer marketing specifically, it's changed not only the way that we tell our customer stories, but also the ways that we engage with them in the first place. That's where I would love to kick off the conversation.

Lindsay, I’d love for you to take us back to when this all started and give us a sense of how you and the team were feeling and how you thought things might change.