State of Customer Marketing Report | 2023/24

Introducing the eagerly awaited State of Customer Marketing Report 2023/24! 🎉

This report is your definitive guide to the world of customer marketing and advocacy, offering essential insights into team dynamics, budgets, responsibilities, and industry trends. 📈

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A few teasers:

Unlock the secrets within our report that reveal compelling statistics about the impact of customer interaction, personal experience, budgets, and team structures around customer marketing.

In this report, we found:

  • Last year, the majority of customer marketers were working as a team of one. This year, teams of 2-3 made up the majority of answers this year at 39.2%.
  • Customer feedback collection and cross-selling/upselling were seen as the most significant value drivers this year at 29% and 21.8% respectively.
  • Last year, when we asked participants, “Do you have a customer advocacy program?”, 39.3% of participants said yes. This year that answer has grown to over half of responses at 52.2%.
  • And yet, this year participants recorded that, most commonly, less than 5% of customers were considered advocates at 33.3%.
  • A surprising 61.4% of customer marketers said their budget made up less than 10% of the total marketing budget for their company.

Why you need this report in your life

  • Gain insights from industry experts as they share their strategies for enhancing standard practices and optimizing daily workflows.
  • Enhance your operational efficiency by studying the diverse approaches taken by customer marketers across various organizations.
  • Leverage contributor recommendations for essential customer marketing skills to ensure your next hire is a perfect fit.
  • Stay ahead of the curve with our forecasts for the upcoming year in customer marketing.
  • Identify potential roadblocks in your current strategy and how to overcome them on your path to the next level in your career.

What’s inside?

Here’s how the report will be broken down:

  1. Introduction
  2. Who took part
  3. Team Infrastructure
  4. The role, responsibilities, and metrics
  5. Customer marketing budget and where it’s being spent
  6. Is the role of customer marketing valued?
  7. The best and most challenging parts of the customer marketing role
  8. Essential customer marketing skills
  9. The future of customer marketing
  10. Some customer marketing tips
  11. Conclusion

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