Customer Marketing Salary Report 2023/24

Customer Marketing Salary Report 2023/24

We’re back with our big hitter salary report for the second year in a row! 🤩 With a new year now underway, you’ll want to look at your salary compared to your peers to ensure the ‘buck’ you’re earning fits your ‘bang’. 🤑 

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Some stats from the report 📈

  • The current Global Average Salary before tax for 2023/24 is $119,231, a drop of $2,262 from last year.  
  • Once again, North America had the highest average global salary at $133,291 before tax. 
  • When broken down into US states, Massachusetts took the top spot this year with an average of $170,000 followed closely by Florida at $165,000.
  • The average global bonus was $13,537, a small drop from last year. We also saw an increase of participants who don’t get any kind of monetary bonus to 21.1%.

How this report helps you 💪

  • Evaluate if your current salary reflects your true value.
  • Compare your income to that of other customer marketers for reference.
  • Discover how factors like diversity, level of experience, responsibilities, and company revenue impact your salary. 
  • Explore the salary and bonus levels of customer marketing professionals in your region.
  • Approach your upcoming salary negotiations with self-assurance.

What’s inside? 🤔

Here’s how the report will be broken down:

Part one: Introduction

Part two: Who took part

Part three: Global salary

Part four: Bonuses

Part five: Responsibilities and experience

Part six: Diversity, equity, and inclusion

Part seven: Pay progression

Part eight: Industry and market

Part nine: Company factors

Part ten: Salary satisfaction and career progression

Part eleven: Conclusion

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