This article comes from Alain Mowad’s talk, ‘Leveraging customer loyalty & expansion to beat the competition & grow the business’, at our Las Vegas 2023 Customer Marketing Summit, check out his full talk here.

Do your customers love using your software, yet fall short of realizing its full potential? Do you struggle to achieve contract renewals and expansions year after year? You're not alone.

In today's climate of skyrocketing expectations but plummeting loyalty, driving sustainable growth is harder than ever. Churn threatens revenues, while unused product capabilities represent missed expansion opportunities.

Trust me - I've faced these hurdles myself.

As the Senior Director of Product Services and Technical Marketing at Talkdesk, customer loyalty and expansion are my obsession. Talkdesk is a contact center as a service provider and a full stack solution for enterprises to deliver modern customer service.

We offer everything from omnichannel engagement, customer experience, analytics, self-service, workforce engagement, and employee collaboration for back-office staff. We’re truly AI-powered!

Over the years, I’ve learned a few tricks, often through trial and error, on how to inspire customers to fully adopt capabilities, renew contracts, and expand spending.

So today I want to share actionable takeaways to help you nurture loyalty, boost retention, and grow wallet share - while avoiding pitfalls I’ve experienced.

Ready to turn your users into passionate brand advocates who buy more each year? Let’s get started.