Your patience has paid off. 😇 Without further ado, here’s Customer Marketing Alliance’s very first report: The State of Customer Marketing Report 2022. 🎉 Get your free copy now.

A few quick teasers:

From team, organizational structures, core responsibilities and metrics to pain points and the future of customer marketing, this report has it all.

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In this report, we found:

  • That 44.4% of customer marketers work solo, as a team of one.
  • The team customer marketers work most closely with is customer success (50%).
  • The three top responsibilities of a customer marketer are program management (33.3%), customer feedback collection (33.3%), and customer conferences & events (11.2%).
  • When we asked about how valued customer marketers feel in their company (from a scale of 1-10 with 10 being extremely well valued), it was nice to see that 73.1% rate it at a 6 or above, resulting in an average of 6.6/10.
  • When we asked about the most important customer marketing skills, strong communication (23%) and empathy/being able to connect with customers (18.9%) came out on top.

Why you need this report:

  • Learn from experts in the space on how they improve common practices and their tricks to streamlining your day-to-day workflow.
  • Improve your processes by analyzing how other customer marketers from different companies approach these tasks,
  • Use our contributor suggestions on important customer marketing skills to help make that next hire stick,
  • Prepare for the future with our predictions of what the next year will look like for customer marketing,
  • Discover what might be holding your current strategy and plan from getting you to that next promotion.

What people are saying about this report...

I loved hearing these words of wisdom from some of my most talented customer marketing peers. Seeing a report dedicated to customer marketing is fantastic, and I found the data really useful. This is a good resource to understand what other organizations are doing and how my team measures up. - Elizabeth Raffa

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