"We owed it to our customers to give them a great experience... we learned about digital fatigue, we learned about engagement with online events... so we're all learning how we can create these experiences at digital events..."

In this episode of Customer Marketing Catch-up, we talk to Meaghan Sullivan, Marketing Customer Programs Lead at Google, about how to excel in the digital workplace as a customer marketer.


Key talking points:

  • The core differences between interacting with customers digitally versus in person
  • How customer marketing adapted to this rapidly changing digital environment
  • Go-to strategies for supporting your work in the digital space
  • Tools to make interacting with customers easier

About the guest:

Meaghan Sullivan is Marketing Customer Programs Lead at Google and a comprehensive speaker on customer storytelling, voice of the customer, and navigating customer relationships throughout the digital landscape.

She stands by the mantra:

Anything we can say, our customers can say better. More credibly. More persuasively. More authentically. More effectively.

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