"Regardless of what company, what product or service you're in... it all comes down to these three ideas, one of them is customer adoption and value realization, so how do you turn your customers into well-adopted, mature users of your product..."

In this episode, we talk to Kevin Lau, Senior Director of Customer Advocacy at F5. He talks in detail about the value of customer advocacy, ways to measure the performance of your advocacy programs, and shares a little about his own journey and what he has learned over the years of specializing in this topic.


Key talking points:

  • The key pillars that define advocacy and customer marketing
  • The importance of personalization in swag
  • How to tackle the difficulty of using metrics with relationship-based work like customer advocacy
  • The biggest lessons learned after so many years in the industry.

About the guest:

Kevin Lau is a performance-driven, innovative and ROI-focused, customer marketing professional and digital/online marketing strategist with 12+ years of experience as an industry thought leader in customer advocacy, lifecycle marketing, social media/digital advertising, event marketing, digital marketing and community management.

His subject matter expertise encompasses managing the entire customer life cycle, formulating customer retention strategies, leveraging advocate marketing best practices, and data driven decision making.

As the Sr. Director of Customer Advocacy at F5, Kevin is leading a newly formed organization within Portfolio Marketing responsible for customer marketing, customer advocacy, strategic global events and executive programs.

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