"Our customers want different things from us... you need to provide options, some people will want to engage in person, some people won't, and some people will act incredibly different in person... so that's creating opportunities for our customers to just be more themselves when you're in person - if you've done your work in a virtual environment..."

In this episode of Customer Marketing Catch-up, sponsored by Influitive, we talk to Jeni Asaba, Head of Community at Jamf, about some of her vital tips to help tie people to your community.


Key talking points:

  • How to begin the processes of engaging a variety of customers
  • Ways to ensure your engagement strategies develop alongside your customers
  • How engagement changes between in-person and virtual events
  • What strategies are most often forgotten in customer engagement

About the guest:

Jeni Asaba's life, for the past 15 years has been newspaper reporting, copywriting and customer advocacy. They’ve given her the chance to use her love of writing and passion for people to create a library of powerful stories and build a thriving community  in the form of Jamf Heroes.

Our sponsor:

This podcast was brought to you by Influitive - find out more at influitive.com.

Influitive allows you to build a community of advocates and invite your customers, developers, partners, and employees to complete challenges, referrals, product reviews, social media posts, and more. As they complete these personalized and targeted challenges, they earn points, badges, and levels to redeem professional perks and privileges.

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