"Customer marketing is just going to continue growing... it's just getting that growth and then taking root so that it's a pillar in almost every marketing team."

Aunalisa Arellano dives into the importance of communication within the role of customer marketing, especially when it comes to making sure your customers are aware of everything you offer.


Key talking points:

  • Keeping in the loop with your other departments, especially with product leaders.
  • Make sure to stay in touch with your advocates - if they don't know about the feature, chances are the rest of your customer base don't know about it either.
  • How to cross-sell and upsell to advocates
  • Getting involved in thought leadership
  • Future of customer marketing

About the guest:

Aunalisa Arellano is currently the Head of Customer Marketing at Filevine. She has a strong practice in B2B SaaS marketing and thrives in customer-focused roles. Some exciting career accomplishments so far include:

  • Diversity and Inclusion Board Member at Shareworks by Morgan Stanley
  • First-Generation College Student Mentor (Legacy Program) at Westminster College
  • Drove the launch of an inaugural client advisory board at Filevine
  • Created the first-ever equity compensation by gender and race report at Shareworks by Morgan Stanley
  • Currently building the core customer marketing and advocacy strategy at Filevine

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