Customer research, when done right, can enhance every essential aspect of customer marketing.

Accurately marketing to your customers means knowing them from the inside and out, knowing their needs, pain points, and interests, and turning that into actionable steps to take your customer marketing to the next level.

Course overview 👇

As a customer marketer, you are the voice that represents your existing customer base both internally and externally throughout the customer journey.

Our Customer Research Certified course will take you through the fundamentals of conducting accurate and representative customer research, leaving no stone unturned.

You’ll be taken through a practical and actionable step-by-step framework that’ll define your customer’s story, create a true voice of the customer, and action real business change.

What's included when I enroll?

🧠 Expert insights from a customer research connoisseur.

⏰ 3+ hours of course curriculum content.

🛠 7 tried, tested, and vetted templates that’ll streamline your practice.

🔥 Bonus footage & fireside chats to supplement your learning.

🔖 Official Customer Research certification to show off to your colleagues.

⏳ Lifetime access to all the course content.

Meet your instructor, Lauren Culbertson.

Lauren Culbertson is the CEO and Co-founder of LoopVOC, and a B2B SaaS product marketer turned entrepreneur.

After 10 years leading product marketing teams, Lauren left the corporate world to start her own software company, solving challenges she faced using customer feedback to drive growth.

Her mission is to elevate customer research to create a strategic growth engine for a variety of industries and organizations by deeply connecting marketers with the people they serve.

Lauren believes that when marketers have the insights to understand what customers need and where their markets are going, they can proactively evolve their strategies to build, position, and grow the relationship with their customers.

How to sell it to your boss.

Customer research is fundamental and foundational to the long-term success of any company and marketing team. However, without the right structure, valuable insights get lost in messy systems, complicated spreadsheets, and unfocussed meetings.

This course provides the most systematic approach to creating deep connections with your customers, implementing insights to drive growth and revenue, and enacting company-wide change.

If that’s not enough, we’ve drafted a convince-the-boss letter for you to use.

Customer Research isn't created in isolation. It pulls in multiple skills from multiple departments, which is why this course is created with product marketers, product managers, customer success - and more, in mind.

Built in partnership with our sister-community, Product Marketing Alliance, it covers everything you and your cross-collaborative colleagues need to excel in every area of this essential business skill.

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