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Customer marketing

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Churn 101: The ultimate guide to preventing customer loss
Want to keep customers coming back and grow your business? Understanding and preventing customer churn is key. Download our ebook now.
The ultimate guide to customer reactivation marketing
Want to re-engage lapsed customers and maximize lifetime value? This comprehensive ebook reveals all the strategies you need.
Perfecting the art of market research ebook
Stop guessing and start gathering definitive data on your customers and competition with our brand-new ebook!
Crack the code: The complete guide to customer segmentation
Are you ready to really get to know your customers? Do you want to boost loyalty? Customer segmentation holds the key!
The ultimate guide to Voice of the Customer | ebook
Do you want to forge deeper connections, reduce churn, and shape your offerings around your customers’ needs? Voice of the Customer holds the key 🔑.
Intro to consumer psychology | ebook
Want to wow your audience, spark engagement, and score marketing wins? Understanding consumer psychology is the secret ingredient.
Intro to customer research | eBook
This comprehensive ebook provides a step-by-step guide to implementing an effective VoC program and using those insights to drive real change!
A Comprehensive Guide to Customer Advisory Boards| eBook
Many customer marketers know that a Customer Advisory Board can be their magnum opus but only if it’s set up for success from the beginning. This is where we come in!
Exploring the fundamentals of compelling product storytelling
Download your copy of ‘A long story short: Exploring the fundamentals of compelling product storytelling’, and tell a story your audience can’t ignore.
The essential elements of a customer marketing plan
This eBook focuses on six elements to build into your customer marketing plan, from the early stages to elements that’ll support you during growth and scale-up.
A Guide to Customer and Community Engagement | Playbook
The Alliance is proud to present an in-depth exploration of customer and community engagement in our latest playbook, a collaborative piece by Customer Marketing Alliance and Community-Led Alliance.