“It's just a great opportunity to learn and network.”| Customer Marketing San Francisco Summit Attendee Testimonials

Last year’s event calendar for Customer Marketing Alliance, ended in person at San Fransisco. We had the opportunity to ask attendees about their immediate thoughts on the event. 

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Dan Barta, Account Executive, TrustRadius.

We first met up with Dan Barta, Account Executive for TrustRadius, his main takeaway was how the on-site layout benefitted his experience of the day.

“I like how it's kind of broken out and people are able to go to different segments and then come into the main area.”

When we asked him about the overall feel of the event. he expressed particular joy about the opportunity the event offered to speak and interact with people from a variety of different job titles and teams:

“It’s really great. We're here for customer marketing and we've had a chance to talk to people - chief marketing officers, product marketing, so it's really interesting.”


Jenna Feldman, Customer Advocacy Marketing Manager, and Brooke Wilson, Senior Customer Lifecycle Marketing Manager at AlphaSense: 

Moving on, we caught some members of Alphasense - Jenna Feldman, Customer Advocacy Marketing Manager, and Brooke Wilson, Senior Customer Lifecycle Marketing Manager

Jenna had this to say: 

“I am really loving the Customer Marketing Summit. I feel like I'm meeting so many new people and with every session I've attended, I've taken something new from it; I just love being at these kinds of events as this is a great community.”

Brooke echoed Jenna’s sentiment: 

“I think everybody here brings such a dynamic background and experience of being able to hear in real life what everybody's dealing with their challenges, their struggles, but also their big wins and how we can all support each other in customer marketing.

“It's really a motivator and it makes me excited to go back to work on Monday.”


Brittany Mullen, Sr. Director, Customer Advocacy & Engagement, BMC: 

Brittany Mullen, Sr. Director, Customer Advocacy & Engagement, BMC 

“I think events like this are so important because you get to spend time with people who do what you do on a daily basis. And that doesn't always happen outside of events like this. 

“You get new ideas, you get to look at things through a fresh perspective, and you also get validation with some of the struggles that you're going through.”


Ray Rhodes, Founder, User Evidence: 

Making our way to one of the sponsored stalls, we spoke to User Evidence founder, Ray Rhodes.

“I think I get a lot of value from these from a couple of perspectives. 

“One, we get to meet clients and establish real relationships with them as opposed to just talking over Zoom, which helps across the board. We get real product feedback, we see who's happy. We create real relationships with them. 

“We also get an understanding of the market that maybe we're not seeing or hearing on sales calls. We get to see what people are talking about and wanting to learn about which helps us really shape our product direction and also we just get to meet a lot of leads that we can convert into customers and deals.”

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Leslie Barrett, CEO, CMA Soulmate:

At the end of the day, we caught up with Leslie Barrett, CEO of CMA Soulmate just before ‘Happy Hour’ which closes out the first day of each of our events. 

Happy hour is the chance to network with fellow attendees, meet the experts in residence & discover new ideas during our happy hour. (Refreshments and nibbles are always included 😉)

“I'm having so much fun. I'm loving all the content. I was so excited to hear that it was in my hometown, so I had to come over and say hello to all my CMA friends. And yeah, it's just a great opportunity to learn and network and it's happy hour now.”


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