Hannah McKeen is the Senior Customer Marketing Manager at Jellyfish. Hannah has now built two customer marketing programs from the ground up, both at Jellyfish and CloudHealth by VMware.

Why did you choose to join CMA’s community?

To network with other customer marketing professionals and bounce ideas off one another. As a customer marketing team of one, it's so important for me to make connections with other people in my industry and learn from them. 

Which aspects of the community did you find the most valuable?

I loved chatting with other folks about community spaces as I built out Jellyfish’s own last year. I was new to the community game and I learned so many helpful tips and tricks that helped drive our current community implementation strategy. 

Being an ambassador has been very rewarding. I love building special connections with the other ambassadors and learning about how they’ve built their programs. I loved hosting a Slack AMA (Ask me Anything) on the topic of community last year, I felt like I was really having an impact on other customer marketers. 

Have you gained any insights or knowledge from the community? If so, how have you transferred these insights into your day-to-day practice?

I’ve gained many insights from the community that have translated into my programs at Jellyfish. 

Specifically, I’ve loved learning about how other folks prove customer marketing ROI and communicate that to their leadership teams. It has helped me tremendously in how I think about my metrics strategy.  

Has the community helped to enhance your customer marketing credentials?

The ambassador program has connected me with quite a few folks who I wouldn’t have met with otherwise. That opportunity to build my credibility as a customer marketer has been great.

Has this experience helped you to network? If so, how, and have you built any new connections?

I have definitely built new connections. 

My goal for this year is to dedicate more time to attending CMA events so I can build those connections even further. 

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How has this experience impacted your professional growth as a Customer Marketer?

CMA has helped me build confidence in the programs I’ve built and incorporate new ideas into my day-to-day workflows. I feel so inspired when I connect with other customer marketers and look forward to continuing to do so! 

What would you say to fellow customer marketing professionals considering joining CMA’s community?

I believe we should always be learning from others and CMA creates a safe space to do so. 

Are you ready to join Hannah and become a member of the Customer Marketing Alliance community?

Here at CMA, there’s always something going on in our Slack channel, and no matter your level of experience, all are welcome. 

Our community has a variety of channels to take advantage of, as well as a few perks:  

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🌏 Connect with peers from all over the world

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