Get ready to celebrate 2023! 🎁 Here at Customer Marketing Alliance, we wanted to shine a light on the massive talent within the customer marketing community, so we’re introducing our list of twenty-three customer marketers to watch this year.

This report isn’t just a list of names. Download it to get exclusive tips, tricks, and predictions on customer marketing processes, advocacy, case studies, and more, in 2023.

Without further ado, here are our 23 Ones to Watch in 2023.👇 Get your free copy now.

Who’s made the list?

💬 Customer marketing professionals you can reach out to on LinkedIn

🥇 Oracles of knowledge and experience within the industry

🥳 Prodigies of customer marketing who’re just making their own space

Unique professionals who’ve been navigating the space in their own way

Why you need this report:

This list is a representation of the industry as it is as a whole, so we're not just giving you a list of influencers or accounts with big followings on social media.

These names are those who are old and new to customer marketing, with a variety of work styles and backgrounds to offer you unique and notable names to add to your network.

We’re giving you much more than just a list of names.

We also asked our nominees about:

  • Their top tips for someone just entering the customer marketing profession
  • Why customer marketing is important to them
  • Their career highlights
  • Some advice based on their specific specialties
  • Their predictions for 2023

Download Customer Marketing Alliance’s Ones to Watch Report in 2023 and make it yours. 👊