Hi, everyone. My name is Jeff Hardison, and I am Head of Product Marketing for Calendly. I'm here to tell you why a customer reference program is today's most important B2B marketing initiative.

I've built customer reference programs and participated in them for companies such as Amazon, HP, Envision, and Clearbit. I’m a big believer in customer reference programs and I hope I can share my excitement with you.

Why are customer reference programs so valuable in today’s economy?

The reemergence of customer reference programs is being driven by two camps of marketing. There are the folks who are trying to earn attention with influencer relations, content marketing, and events. Then there are the folks who are trying to buy attention through performance marketing and ads.

There's this huge group of marketers who came up during various boom economies, like the dot-com boom of the 90s, and they’ve always had the resources to buy ads. They've gotten real comfortable paying for attention instead of having to earn it.