"Customer references really are about bringing someone in and starting them on that journey toward customer advocacy."

In this episode, we talk to Collette Johnson, Product and Strategy Consultant, about customer references, their importance, and how they can be used. We also discuss some common mistakes and pitfalls that most clients fall into.


Key talking points:

  • Why customer references are important
  • The types of customers you should approach for references
  • The impact references have on your internal systems and your customers
  • Some common mistakes companies make when conducting customer references

About Collette Johnson:

Collette Johnson is a Product and Strategy Consultant, helping organisations in a variety of industries, deep tech, software, and healthcare, to achieve their strategic goals through a product focussed approach.

With 15+ years of product and commercial experience from start-ups to world leading organisations, she has a fountain of knowledge to help direct, suggest, and improve internet strategies for companies of all ages and sizes.

Collette also provides career coaching for those seeking opportunities in the technology and products sector and is a coach, mentor, and ambassador at our sister community, Product Marketing Alliance.

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