"The first thing to understand is that all customers are looking for more than a product..."

In this episode, sponsored by Influitive, we talk to Jennifer Susinski about her understanding of customer advocacy as a customer advocacy and experience manager for over seven years. Her unique insight goes into the nitty-gritty of the relationship between you and your advocates, and how setting up the relationships well can last for a lifetime.


Key talking points:

  • Tips you should implement from the start of your advocacy journey
  • Understand that all customers are looking for more than just a product
  • How managing advocacy goes beyond the job description
  • How to balance the values of your customers and the values of your company

About Jennifer Susinski:

Jennifer Susinski is a self-proclaimed pro-active self-starter, that seeks new ways to innovate and exceed performance expectations in the Customer Advocacy & Experience space.

As a customer success enthusiast, her task at hand is to ensure no customer is left behind! She strives to promote her customers voices within the company, drive a positive customer experience across the board and make sure they are set up for success.

Being able to quickly adjust and keep a pulse on various areas of the business that effect our customers is invaluable. This not only helps her keep customers ahead of the curve but allows her to uncover champions who provide product insight to further products and become part of the extended team helping to drive ROI.

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