"Think about collaborating with other parts of the business that have other connection points and converging those so there's a consistent brand experience..."

In our third episode of Learning with Leadership: A Customer Marketing Podcast, we talk to Steph Mills, Director of Customer Advocacy at Matillion, about how to connect to your customers using their own voice, with case studies.


Key talking points:

  • Go-to strategies for connecting with your current customers.
  • How doing so can improve your brand image.
  • Why case studies are important.
  • How to conduct case studies to get the most out of your customer.

About the guest:

Steph Mills has spent most of my her career connecting stories, people, programmes, campaigns, and teams; she considers this one of her biggest assets in any role. At the moment she is connecting customers and their stories through a mutually beneficial advocacy program.

Steph Mills is one of many fantastic speakers that are involved in Customer Marketing Alliance's Leadership Accelerator Program. You can find out more about it here.

About the program:

The Customer Marketing Leadership Accelerator Program has been built in collaboration with customer marketing leaders from top brands such as Gong, Adobe, SalesForce, Jamf, and many more.

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