What does the current world of work look like today? How are people able to connect? What do they want to talk about? What can we do to connect people to one another in ways that are enjoyable and fun? [...] It takes real strategy and initiative to make 'fun' happen, it takes work to make the 'fun' happen...

In this episode of Customer Marketing Catch-up, Joshua Zerkel, Head of Global Engagement Marketing at Asana talks about the importance of developing multifaceted communities to cement the future of your customer spaces.

Key takeaways:

  • How multifaceted communities are different from traditional communities
  • Biggest mistakes made when trying to expand their customer community
  • Building your community into other forms and channels
  • Tackling ‘passive observers’ in your community

About the guest:

As one of the established leaders in the business community management space, Joshua Zerkel, has been leading community programs at B2C and B2B companies and nonprofits for 20 years.

At Asana, Joshua leads engagement marketing, including creating Asana's award-winning global community, a highly-scaled strategic GTM program which includes our Ambassadors, community-focused events, and our community forum. He's passionate about equipping enthusiasts so they can deepen the use of Asana on their teams and help spread the word to others. 

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