"It's important to have a deep understanding of the cultural norms and preferences of the target audience... conducting thorough research and cultural analysis is key to crafting messaging that resonates."

In our fourth episode of Learning with Leadership: A Customer Marketing Podcast, we talk to Florian Engel, Director of EMEA Marketing & Global Customer Marketing at Aiven, who share some tips on interacting with different cultures and regions both within your internal culture, and externally when interacting with customers.

Key talking points:

  • Important factors to consider when adapting customer marketing strategies for international markets.
  • Tailoring your messaging and communication to resonate with diverse cultures and regions.
  • Fostering a culturally inclusive work environment.

About the guest:

Florian Engel is an innovative, customer-centric Marketer with 10 years of driving captivating storytelling, SaaS marketing, developing B2B sales strategies, demand generation, and supporting digital products for industry leaders (including VMware and OpenText).

He has continued success in generating new business in competitive markets, managing comprehensive account prospecting lifecycles to grow territories and consistently expand client base. 

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