In this episode of Customer Marketing Catch-up, Cristina Errico, Cybersecurity Customer Evangelist at Cisco, talks about some ways to extract more value from your customer case studies.

Cristina Errico spoke about this topic in her full length talk at our Customer Marketing Summit in London, 2023. You can get access to the full recorded talk using one of our membership plans. If you want a look at our upcoming event calendar, take a look here.

Key takeaways:

  • The two most unique ways to get more value from these case studies.
  • How Cristina has successfully used these tips in her own case studies.
  • Some practical ways that businesses can measure the results and ROI of customer case study initiatives.
  • How to balance highlighting achievements with maintaining authenticity and transparency.

About the guest:

Cristina Errico is committed to empowering cybersecurity professionals to make the digital world safer and more inclusive, because every voice deserves to be heard, and every hero deserves to be recognized.

In order to be able to scale this, Cristina has developed a methodology of six steps to help any advocacy manager extract the maximum value from a case study and empower their customers to be recognized as true heroes.

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