“How can you add value against that other team, how do I bring in insights, what do these teams really need?”

In this episode, we talk to Clayton Prichard about the intricacies of the relationship between Product Marketing and Customer Marketing. There is often a lot of overlap in responsibilities between these two teams and so collaboration is key to effective workflows.


Key talking points:

  • The similarities and differences between product marketing and customer marketing
  • The importance of collaboration between these two teams
  • How customer marketing and product marketing impact growth
  • Which stage of growth are customer marketing and product marketing introduced?

About the guest:

Clayton Prichard is a Marketing Leader with 11+ years of experience, including 6 years in product marketing, 5.5 years in growth marketing, and 1.5 years in sales.

Most recently, as Head of Marketing at Momentum, he built out the marketing function as their first marketing hire. This included refreshing the messaging using customer research, developed go-to-market plans, and redesigned their websites to improve user experience.

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