"Data is something that I recognize as being incredibly powerful in being able to successfully serve your customers in a way that makes sense for the business... it really can increase your time and value, help you scale your programs and get you to success faster...."

In this episode of Customer Marketing Catch-up, we talk to Cetiera Carmona, Senior Manager, Customer Growth at BigCommerce, about the five types of customer data to leverage during the growth stage of the customer journey.


Key talking points:

  • The five types of data to prioritize.
  • Factors used to assess data such as health scores and personas.
  • How this data can be used.
  • AI and automation, and its relationship to data collection.

About the guest:

Cetiera Carmona is the Senior Manager, Customer Growth at BigCommerce, a flexible, open SaaS platform leading a new era of ecommerce.

She is responsible for developing, deploying, analyzing and constantly improving robust multi-channel customer retention campaigns and programs that help increase engagement with our user base, improve usage and adoption of our products, and reduce churn.

Cetiera has over seven years of experience in the marketing space, and has a BA in marketing from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

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