“Case studies are your proof, they are your customers proving why your products are successful…Your case study library should always reflect your current customer landscape”

In this episode of Customer Marketing Catch-up, we talk to Cassie Sneed, Senior Manager of Customer Marketing at Reputation,  about her process for getting the right cast studies for your brand.


Key talking points:

  • Why case studies are important
  • How to pinpoint the right customers for a case study
  • Using case studies both internally and externally
  • The kinds of data that are necessary to support these case studies

For those interested in the storytelling matrix template mentioned in this podcast, CMA’s membership has direct access to that template (and more!) for immediate use with the Templates and Frameworks section.

About the guest:

Cassie Sneed is the Senior Manager of Customer Marketing for Reputation. She has a drive for consistent, quality results. She is continually developing her leadership skill with experience in digital marketing, growth marketing, customer marketing, event planning · business development, customer experience, and marketing strategy.

She is a graduate of the University of Illinois Champaign Urbana with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Business Process Management.

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