"Customer experience has become a really top priority for B2B tech companies... we need to have some repeatability and consistency with the process that [customers are] going through."

In this episode of Customer Marketing Catch-up, Annie Eissler, VP of Customer, Partner & Expert Insights Marketing at AlphaSense talks to us about the importance of customer experience and how customer journey mapping can help align teams to support retention and growth.

Key talking points:

  • The importance of upsells for retention and growth
  • Mapping and managing the variety of customer experiences
  • Aligning all company teams with the big picture using journey mapping
  • How mapping helps to scale a customer marketing team

About the guest:

Annie Eissler's 25+ year career combines in-house B2B technology marketing leadership with marketing agency ownership, Annie Eissler brings a strategic mindset, extensive toolkit, and broad operational experience to companies that need to reposition their offering and level up their GTM strategy.

Annie has developed a reputation for quickly understanding the business drivers, gaps, and opportunities to put a “punch above our weight” marketing program and team in place that drives growth.

Versatility and adaptability are strengths that have enabled Annie to contribute to growth initiatives beyond the marketing function, including leading 10+ acquisition integrations in Canada and Europe, and orchestrating a company reorganization to better serve customers.

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