“I had an amazing time today.”
“The event has been tremendously valuable.”
“Fantastic! I've actually really loved it.”

These were just some of the sentiments shared by our attendees at the Customer Marketing Alliance Summit in New York.

We managed to carve out a few precious moments amidst the whirlwind of activities to chat with some of the participants about the summit, and the valuable insights they've gained from their attendance.


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Has this event been as valuable as you had hoped?

Maxwell Bailey, Team and Customer Manager, at Aircall started us off:

“I'm just a two-person customer marketing team. So for me to be surrounded by customer marketers all day is like heaven. I love it.”

Continuing this, Cate Vanasse, Director of Customer Marketing, Cisco, and Tiffany Raymond, Head of Global Customer Advocacy, PayPal offered their own in-the-moment thoughts:

“It's such a great opportunity to be together with so many peers across customer marketing.” - Cate Vanasse, Director of Customer Marketing, Cisco
“I was fortunate enough to be a panelist. But really, I learned much more than I shared, I think. It was a dynamic learning opportunity.” - Tiffany Raymond, Head of Global Customer Advocacy, PayPal

Some high praise for the event so far. But we wanted to delve a little deeper into the things these attendees have learned during their time at the event.

What are some of the things you learned at this event?

Starting us off, Cate Vanasse, summed up her conclusion to the talks she attended:

“I think it's really important that customer marketers really start to tie themselves to selling impact on revenue versus activities and really be selective about where they can focus and make the biggest impact and kind of embrace saying no at times.”

When asked about her experience, Tiffany Raymond, highlighted how attending the event will impact her and her team’s work ethos. She mentioned how valuable attending such events can be in order to share knowledge and connections with others in your own company too:

“I'm really looking forward to taking a lot of these learnings and sharing them and distributing them out to my team, so that we can all learn and be better together. There were a lot of great sets, some very strategic and some very tactical. I really appreciated that. ”

Maxwell Bailey, like Tiffany, spoke at one of the sessions and wanted to sum up his experience as both speaker and attendee:

“I was so happy when you reached out because I have so many ideas that I wanted to throw out there into the customer marketing universe. But I also just want to hear from everyone else. And I'm a big believer that what you put out, you get back and I want some good karma! So yeah, I was excited to speak today.”

Why should others attend our upcoming events?

To finish, we asked why others should attend these events, and what it was about them that they consider unmissable for others. Maxwell Bailey started us off sweet and simple:

“Togetherness. I like the dynamic! It’s a must-have.”

Starting off strong, we also asked Tiffany Raymond and Cate Vanasse their thoughts on why Customer Marketing Alliance events are so important:

“I think it's really the only customer marketing-focused event that I'm aware of that really brings people together across ways of customer, across advocacy and across lifecycle. Why wouldn't you attend?”
“This is a great opportunity to really, you know, build a network of customer marketing peers, you know, learn from each other, and really have great growth opportunities.”

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