These three words were chosen by our attendees to capture the atmosphere of the Customer Marketing Alliance Summit at Las Vegas this year.

Though there was little down time with so much going on during the event, we took a few spare minutes to ask some of the attendees for their thoughts on the summit, and the befits they’ve discovered from attending.


Do Customer Marketing Alliance events live up to the hype?

Jessica Noland, Customer Advocacy Manager at Upwork, told our team about her experience at the conference:

The event has been wonderful. It really exceeded my expectations. Everyone's been really warm and friendly, and the content has been incredible.

The lineup of speakers and content here is really suited to the needs I have right now in my role, so I've learned a lot. Overall it’s been really fantastic!

Jessica Day, Customer Marketing Manager at Dropbox, let us know her thoughts on the unique atmosphere at the event:

It's been a really great way to see our programs in relation to other programs, a lot of things are very similar. But then there's also all these new dimensions that get revealed when you talk to other people and see what they're doing.

The benefits of attending Customer Marketing Alliance events

Dave Hansen, Global Advocacy Marketing Director at LRN had this to say:

Can I describe the benefits of attending? The answer is no, you need to be here to see it for yourself. That's the short answer to it.

There isn't anything better than being able to brainstorm live to shake hands. I was a remote worker before COVID,  and I can tell you, I missed the office for the same reason I miss live conferences. To have that live experience, being able to bounce your ideas of what you're doing off of other people - It's priceless.

Jessica Day also added:

I think especially in the last few years, it's been really hard to find community, particularly as customer marketing is starting to be this emerging practice. Having a space where we can all come together and share what's working, and what keeps us up at night, is really nourishing.

Looking for this year’s next big thing?

If you have a nagging feeling that you’re missing out on something  great, you're absolutely right. 😉

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