“We’re really looking for the voice of the customer when it comes to feedback when it comes to their experience and their sentiment around your organization and how that impacts their willingness to collaborate with you on things that extend beyond just buying your products or services…”

Deena Zenyk and Liz Richardson discuss with us how you should incorporate the Voice of the Customer into your customer and market research, and why such a technique is so important for customer-centric marketing and developing a strong customer advocacy relationship.


Key talking points:

  • Deena and Liz’s journeys from music and journalism to customer marketing,
  • What VoC is and how that relates to customer advocacy,
  • How to get started with Voice of the Customer, and
  • Some common pitfalls businesses fall into when design a program.

About the guests:

Deena Zenyk is a top 25 CMA influencer. She’s a customer advocacy strategist with more than 15 years of practitioner and consultancy experience. This includes an extensive portfolio in strategy development, program design and management, and an all-star record of strategic customer advocacy clients within enterprise-level organizations such as IBM, Salesforce, HPE, Oracle, EMC, VMware and Cisco.

Liz Richardson is a Customer Advocacy and Engagement Aficionado. She is a passionate innovator and subject matter expert in the world of customer engagement, customer experience, advocate marketing and customer success, with a reputation for building high-caliber teams, strong customer relationships, and pushing the limits of innovation.

Liz and Deena are co-founders of Captivate Collective, a consulting service aimed at maximizing a business's success with their customer strategy from acquisition to advocacy.

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