"My aim specifically is to nurture the customers to advocates through education and engagement... and for the product team, I definitely want to get [customer] feedback and make it easily accessible for the products team and make it light lifts for everybody else to leverage the relationships that I have..."

In this episode of Customer Marketing Catch-up, we talk to Robert Maddox, Customer Advocacy & Community Manager at Delinea, on how to connect two sides of the product lifecycle with your customer and product team through events.


Key talking points:

  • How these events are conceptualized
  • Why connecting these two parts of your company is so important
  • How such events can support company growth
  • An example of how these events can be successfully conducted

About the guest:

Robert Maddox has experience in planning and executing strategy & operations in community, advocacy, and engagement programs.

He has built communities from scratch while producing & curating content to keep them engaged, bringing the voice of the customer to different teams’ decision-making tables through interviews, testimonials, and feedback surveys.

Our sponsor:

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