"The first thing I’d ask is what are your businesses goals? {....} The goals of the team should align with the goals of the company. If they don’t, you’ll lose your credibility, and your org may wonder why this function even exists..."

In our second episode of Learning with Leadership: A Customer Marketing Podcast, we talk to Katie Meeker, Director of Customer Marketing at ICIMS, about the vital leadership skills you need when structuring your marketing teams.


Key talking points:

  • The difference between customer marketing with B2B businesses and SaaS services.
  • How leaders should begin to structure their customer marketing team.
  • Important behaviors and skills that are most valuable among team members.
  • Skills that will distinguish a customer marketing leader from the rest.

About the guest:

Katie Meeker is a tech-minded marketing professional with over 13 years of B2B and SaaS experience, with a specific focus on the customer experience.

Katie has helped organizations build and scale cross-sell and retention campaigns, regional customer events, customer stories and references, voice of the customer (NPS) programs, digital communities and engagement programs, customer influencer awards programs, VIP executive customer events, advocacy programs, and more.

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