A huge part of customer marketing is building lasting relationships with your customers and showing your appreciation for all that they do, but how can we do this in a meaningful way?

At the Customer Marketing Summit, Klarissa Djajalie, Customer Marketing Specialist at Prezly, moderated this enlightening chat with two stars of customer marketing at Nutanix: Sara Steffen, Senior Director of Customer Marketing, and Christie Vaughan, Customer Marketing Manager.

They shared their insights on all things customer marketing, from why a customer advocacy program is a vital tool for your business, to how to adapt your customer marketing program to an increasingly virtual world.

The importance of customer advocacy

Q: Why is customer advocacy so important for the success of businesses in the longer term?

A: Sara: People want to hear from other real-life humans. When a prospect is talking to an existing customer, it feels like they're having a peer-to-peer conversation and not being overly marketed to.

It’s just an authentic dialogue between two peers, about what they like about the company or the product and how it benefits them. That's incredibly powerful.