Customer Marketing Salary Survey 2022

Customer marketing

Get clued in on the current state of customer marketing salaries with the Customer Marketing Salary Report 2022, sponsored by Influitive.

Delve into the deep-cut analysis of the factors currently impacting wage levels, and stay in the know about how much your experience and position is worth.

But this cannot be done without your input. 👊

(Thank you for all the responses! The report is nearly hear! Save the date for a November 28th launch 🥳)

Why support this report?

For customer marketers, our report holds data that has never been collected before, and offers free and easy access to this information.

We’ll be doing it every year so this data will remain accessible and relevant! 🥳

Take in data, such as:

  • Do different regions, positions, and levels of experience have different average salaries?
  • Does gender, ethnicity, sexual identity, or disability impact salary?
  • Does a company's annual revenue impact salary?
  • With customer marketing still maturing, do customer marketing salaries, in general, reflect the business value the role adds?

This report delves deep into the current spread of customer marketing salaries and offers invaluable insights, looking into factors that might affect it, including:

🌎 Average global salary,

💰 Job position and salary,

🤝 Diversity, equity and inclusion,

📈 Pay progression and experience,

💼 Company factors, including industry, culture, and business size,

🤩 Salary satisfaction, and

💡 Career ambitions

(The Customer Marketing Salary Report will be with you very soon. Our writer is busy at work as we speak. 🖋)