State of Customer Marketing Report survey 2022

The first ever 100% independent customer marketing report is here and we need your input! πŸ‘Š

Our State of Customer Marketing Report 2022 will offer you an invaluable look 'behind the curtain' at the way other customer marketers work.

(All answers will be kept anonymous unless expressly allowed by the survey responder themselves.)

Our report will provide a bird’s eye view of the customer marketing landscape, including:

πŸ‘“ Key responsibilities,

πŸ’Ό Company culture,

🧠 Career ambitions,

πŸ₯‡ Industry placement,

πŸ“ˆ Team metrics,

🀝 Cross-functional collaboration.

Plus much more…

But first, we need your help.

The takeaways from this report can be used to better understand the market surrounding the customer marketing specialism, and compare their current processes with that of other competitors.

Help us shape the report. πŸ‘‡