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This week on Customer Marketing Alliance Slack 24/03/23

πŸ”₯ Hot off the press πŸ”₯

How to build a successful brand ambassador program

In this article, we're going to be covering advanced customer programs. we're going to begin by diving into:

  • How to create brand ambassadors,
  • Some benefits of the program,
  • The fundamentals of creating engagement for these programs, and
  • The importance of creating an outline and charter to support the program’s success.

Cetiera Carmona | Five types of customer data to leverage during the growth stage of the customer journey | Customer Marketing Catch-up

In this episode of Customer Marketing Catch-up, we talk to Cetiera Carmona, Senior Manager, Customer Growth at BigCommerce, about the five types of customer data to leverage during the growth stage of the customer journey.

Jeni Asaba | How to find the right customer passion topics to engage customer interests | Leadership Accelerator Program

In our first episode of Learning with Leadership: A Customer Marketing Podcast, we talk to Jeni Asaba, Senior Manager, Community Engagement & Advocacy at Jamf, about the importance of finding your customers' passion topics to inform engagement and internal processes.

πŸ’¬ Talking points

@Elizabeth Gordon Hammersley wanted some advice on upsell/cross sell campaigns. @Joe Goldes, @Cetiera Carmona and @Mary Green offered some help.

@Vernon Gomes was curious what classifies a person to be considered for a Senior PMM or Senior CMM role. Anyone have any advice for them?

@Milly Snelling wanted to know what platforms are best for swag or other advocacy perks. @Katarina Andrejević had a suggestion.

@Rebecca Boucher wondered what would be your first point of action if you were building a customer marketing team from scratch. @Kristine Kukich wondered what were the desired outcomes of this to better understand the priorities. Β 

@Milly Snelling asked if anyone had any specific rules for CAB members to follow to ensure consistent commitment. Β @Kristine Kukich and @Taylor Bogar offered great advice.

@Joe Goldes wondered if anyone knew any good content recommendations for starting a loyalty program for a SaaS Company. Β Does anyone have any insights for them?

@Elizabeth Gordon-Hammersley wondered what swag you received or used stood out from others. Β @Keith Brooks, @Andru Creighton, @Dave Hansen, @Devon Haley, @Tim Jahn and @Lynda Raley had some examples.

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@Bev Barnett is looking for a contractor to join their team to drive customer engagement in the Influitive Hub. More details here

Keep up with all the latest job opportunities on the #cma-jobs channel.

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⏰ Customer Marketing Summit - April 13, 2023

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  • You built a community. Now what? | Jamf

Jeni Asaba, Senior Community Engagement & Advocacy Manager at Jamf will share their journey of building a community and provide insights on how to keep the community engaged and grow it further.

  • Seven steps to a CMO-approved customer marketing charter in 2023 & beyond | F5

Kevin Lau, Senior Director of Customer Advocacy, F5 will provide a seven-step framework for building a customer marketing charter that is approved by the CMO and aligns with the organization's overall strategy.

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