We don’t take our mentor program lightly. Every applicant is carefully vetted and only the crème de la crème product marketers come on board. It’s CV-worthy in and of itself.

Becoming a customer marketing mentor has tonnes of upsides to it… these are really only a few of them:

🎯Help other product marketers reach their potential.

🙌Give back to the community and leave your own legacy.

💡Gain fresh perspectives and learn from your protégé.

What to expect?

Here's a little sneak peek at how the program is running and what is expected from our mentors:

1) A short registration process to set up your profile and wait for the platform algorithm to pair you with a suitable mentee.

2) Accept your preferred mentee's invitation and set up your first introductory session (online or in-person)

3) All good? Great! Set up the goals and objectives for the next four sessions.

Each pairing will have 5 sessions allotted to them, this can be done bi-weekly or monthly, depending on your agreement with the mentee.

Check out more FAQs below...

Ready to go?

Apply today to be a Customer Marketing Alliance mentor: