Customer Marketing Ones to Watch in 2024: Winners

Customer marketing

It's time to celebrate the hard work done by the customer marketing professionals of this industry – Customer Marketing Alliance is honored to produce and present such a fantastic list of some of the key customer marketing figures who are making waves in the wider Customer Marketing and Advocacy community. 

Each one is building, growing, and changing the game when it comes to customer marketing strategy. If you’re looking for the professionals who need to be on your radar this year, this is the place to be.

Big congrats to those featured, and without any further ado, let’s dive in!


Amanda Glover

Senior Manager of Customer Marketing

As a Senior Customer Marketer at Amplify, an education-based SaaS organization, Amanda develops and leads a high-performing team. Together they lead impactful campaigns to ensure seamless onboarding and implementation of curricular programs for both national and regionally strategic customers.

Collaborating seamlessly with senior leadership across diverse teams, Amanda spearheads initiatives that increase market presence and ensure operational excellence. She also oversees the comprehensive marketing strategy for Amplify’s professional development offerings and Amplify Tutoring services, while playing a pivotal role in shaping the customer-centric onboarding journey to ensure that customer advocacy aligns with the goals and needs of both enterprise goals as well as partners and customers.

Colleagues often describe Amanda as an enthusiastic leader who infuses work with ease and enthusiasm, making each endeavor a source of joy and collaboration.


Andrea Briggs

Senior Customer Marketing Manager

Though Andrea is relatively new to the customer marketing scene specifically, she has a whole wealth of knowledge of marketing and campaign coordination to draw from. She has made a notable wave in the industry since joining Marigold in Customer Marketing just over 2 years ago.

Andrea is a thoughtful, brilliant customer marketer who always has customers at the top of her mind. She is consistent in advocating for their best interest. She is exceptionally skilled in customer engagement, offering up the most relevant content during the customer lifecycle.

She has built onboarding and nurture programs for multiple brands under the Marigold umbrella, focusing on the most important elements of the product to drive adoption and retention. She is a strategic thinker and sees the bigger picture.

She's just been promoted to a Senior Manager role within Marigold, and is going to tackle some really big rocks in her new role.


Angela Kelleher

Customer Marketing Manager

As a marketing professional with over 26 years of experience, the movement to customer-led marketing has been pivotal in Angela’s career. In today’s competitive and challenging business landscape, there’s never been a stronger need for putting customers at the heart of everything an organization does.

From listening to the voice of the customer to shaping and adapting future service offerings and building genuine connections, customer marketing has to be a core strategy for all organizations to sustain measurable and profitable growth.

Putting Malwarebytes customers at the center of everything she does has been fundamental to Angela’s success as a Customer Marketing Manager.

Thanks to communities like the Customer Marketing Alliance, industry newbies and veterans have access to amazing mentors, teachers, and thought leaders. CMA has been instrumental in Angela’s growth in the customer marketing field.


Athena Peterson

Director of Customer Marketing

Athena is a professional with over 15 years experience of project management and client relationship experience. She has an extensive background in customer, advocacy and lifecycle marketing, growth marketing, communications, digital marketing and more!

Athena is stellar at building Customer Marketing programs from the ground up. She builds the voice of the customer as a keystone for all of her programs—differentiating her and her programs from her peers.

Athena's areas of expertise are well-rounded, with experience building lifecycle, reference, advocacy, awards, growth, and referral programs. Athena also invests in budding talent, serving as a mentor and leader, bringing greater recognition to the niche industry. She is also a staunch advocate for her customers, knowing how to highlight their best successes and amplify their stories.

Athena has built successful programs at Sitecore, Bugcrowd, and Hitachi.


Brianna Weaver

Customer Marketing Manager, Engagement & Advocacy

Brianna is a superstar of a Customer Marketer. Despite being busy, sourcing voice of customer evidence, managing the company's online reputation, and generating reviews, all while executing campaigns that keep our customers delighted, sticky, and primed for expansion, she still finds time to have her finger on the pulse of what is happening in the industry.

She's constantly bringing innovative ideas to the team that not only improve CallRail’s internal processes but also better serves their customers. Brianna has built a laudable customer evidence program and library, built a best in-class reputation management program, and CallRail’s internal VOC listening program. She runs CallRail’s product update program to make sure all customers have what they need to be successful.

Brianna has put in the hours influencing every person at CallRail to care deeply about the customer experience.


Christopher Dalton

Director of Customer Marketing

Chris Dalton has built up 10+ years of experience as a marketing professional at B2B SaaS and technology companies, with expertise in customer marketing, project management, and content creation. He is currently the Director of Customer Marketing at Clari.

Chris' drive to learn and his attentive presence during calls, even during something as bothersome as technical implementation, builds that trust vital as a vendor and his commitment to the long-term success of Clari's program.

Chris also drives hard results from his program. In the first 3 months at Orca, Chris influenced $3+ million in revenue through reference calls and increased the opportunity win rate by 14%.

Chris has only started to scratch the surface of the impact he will have on his customers at Clari. Chris is without a doubt, one to watch in 2024.


Corianne Goldstein

Senior Customer Marketing Manager

Corianne is the customer marketing superstar. Cori has 10 years of experience creating end-to-end customer marketing strategies, from creating advocacy and sales reference programs to initiating automated retention marketing.

She's led an incredible advocacy program at VisualLease- touting a cross-functional competition for customer-facing teams - leading to incredible outcomes including a 100+ new reviews via G2 and 100+ new customer story nominations (case studies and silver bullets) from CSMs and AMs.

Corianne has crushed her advocacy goals, proactively created and managed a Customer Marketing annual strategy, and leaned into areas where she is slightly less comfortable.

With a passion for both analytics and creativity, and a knack for working quickly and efficiently, she’s aiming to continue to grow in the field of customer marketing.


Dean Lindsay

Customer marketing lead

Dean Lindsay is a leader in the customer marketing realm. He has successfully driven key strategy and focus in his last two roles to drive loyalty, advocacy, retention, and cross-sell and up-sell initiatives to drive the ROI of key existing accounts. One fantastic example is his work resulting in an increase of +20% in revenue of account-managed accounts in 2023 vs 2022 at Soldo.

Dean has a proven track record of achieving and exceeding revenue targets, increasing customer lifetime value, and improving win/loss ratios through his campaigns. Dean is consistently putting the customer first for organizations, making sure they are a pillar for product and feedback having launched the first CAB at, 8x8, and Intuit QuickBooks.

His upcoming podcast with CMA and my recent blog post with The Octopus Group give key insights into how Dean helps organizations launch such strong customer marketing strategies!


Huw Wigley

Customer Advocacy Manager

Huw Wigley is currently positioned as a key Customer Advocacy Manager at SUSE.

Though he’s been in this industry and position for just over 3 years, Huw is bringing a ton of experience from past roles to the table, with past positions including Client Engagement Director and Business Engagement Manager. All in all, he had close to 20 years of experience working with internal and external engagement.

This is exemplified by how people talk about his work. Dave Hansens expresses that “Huw has an incredible spirit and approach to Customer Marketing and Advocacy,” and that “His sense of humor and "realness" are a breath of fresh air and his customers feel that love!”


Jennifer Susinski

Customer Advocacy, Community and Experience

Jennifer has been an active leader in customer advocacy for the past 10 years, speaking at multiple conferences and earning awards for her human-centered work.

As a customer success enthusiast, Jennifer aims to ensure no customer is left behind. She strives to promote the customer voice within the company, drive a positive customer experience across the board and make sure the customer is set up for success.

Last year she started a customer advocacy mentorship program with 24 mentees; one of whom was awarded Influitive's Bammie for Program Manager of the Year, and another of whom was a finalist in that same category.

How many customer advocacy professionals do you know who would invite customers to their home for a personally cooked meal, when they are visiting her area from out of town? This is the level of connection that Jennifer makes with her customers.


Jessica Noland

Senior Manager of Customer Advocacy

Jessica is a seasoned B2B customer marketing and advocacy strategist (and a two-time Customer Marketing Summit speaker) who took over leadership of the customer advocacy function at Upwork in late 2023 and instituted several impactful changes in just a short amount of time.

She transformed the Customer Advocacy team into a strategic partner to virtually every other part of the business, working hand-in-hand with cross-functional colleagues to identify the best ways and moments to showcase customer stories.

Jessica also created the first-ever brand identity for Upwork’s customer advocacy program to help distinguish it, establish legitimacy and credibility, and ultimately drive advocate recruitment and retention.

Customer advocacy is most impactful when it’s embedded across the business. Jessica has done a fantastic job of building relationships with colleagues who note that “if Jessica is handling something, you can trust in the process and results.”


Kimberly Lock

Senior Customer Marketing Manager

Kimberly Lock is an experienced Community and Customer Reference Manager running a global reference program with a demonstrated history of working in the DevOps and Cybersecurity industries.

Kim is an industry leader, she is well-connected with people within the Customer Marketing and Advocacy world and invests in others (rising tides to raise all boats). Kim is thoughtful and caring of her customer contacts and nurtures those relationships.

She curates customer stories, understands which successes to highlight, and knows how to amplify those successes, leading to exceptional results. Kim has supported world-class organizations by building memorable Customer Marketing programs at Mandiant, Google, GitLab, and Responsive.

Kim is a Customer Marketing champion who deserves to be recognized because she spends so much time celebrating her customers—it's time for her accomplishments to be championed!


Lauren Turner

Director of Customer Marketing

Lauren Turner is a self-proclaimed customer-obsessed marketing leader. She has already made a big mark on the industry as a top 100 Customer Marketing Strategist for 2024 and is continuing to make some big strides within the industry.

Lauren is a proactive, results-driven strategic leader with global marketing experience and a focus on driving customer engagement and loyalty. She has a proven ability to conceive, develop, and promote new products and programs that strengthen brand equity and grow market leadership.

Lauren is always looking for ways to raise the bar on behalf of customers to drive business growth. Lauren has the know-how to turn data into a strategic strategy, and the experience to make sure customers know how valuable they are.

Lauren is always willing to share knowledge and help others be the best they can!


Maria Colusi

Customer Advocacy Specialist

As a professional marketer with five years of experience, Maria Colusi is a customer-obsessed marketer with cross-functional superpowers that help B2B SaaS organizations build strong customer relationships and drive business growth through effective marketing strategies.

She collaborates with executive teams to create customer content for key product launches, leads, case studies, and customer programs. Maria also built the first customer advocacy program at Securityscorecard, and continues to power her skills at RingCentral.

Maria is a customer-obsessed marketer with cross-functional superpowers that help B2B SaaS organizations build strong customer relationships and drive business growth through effective marketing strategies.

Committed to identifying, nurturing, and amplifying the voices and experiences of her customers, Maria builds engaging customer programs that showcase product success and demonstrate ROI.


Nikki DuBerry

Senior Customer Marketing Manager

Nikki is Senior Manager of EMEA Customer Marketing at Apptio and has a great combination of customer-led growth and digital marketing experience, and customer marketing and CX certifications.

Nikki's skills shine in driving customer growth and loyalty. She is well-skilled at crafting clever customer lifecycle marketing plans, advocacy programs, and campaigns. Nikki's knack for connecting with global stakeholders and building lasting relationships makes her one to watch.

Nikki is resilient, strong, and has a big heart which shows in everything she does. She continues to showcase her passion, and dedication to customer marketing and advocacy and highlights her skills and expertise.

Her advocacy program was awarded the B2B Marketing Silver Award in 2021 for best customer engagement initiative and she is a content ambassador for Customer Marketing Alliance!


Preston Ritter

Americas Customer Marketing Leader

Over the last two years, Preston has built and managed the Americas Customer Marketing team within Cisco's Americas Field Marketing organization. During this time, Preston made connections and developed relationships with many cross-functional leaders and teams ( within Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success) to enable the Americas Customer Marketing team to source customer references, amplify customer evidence content, aggregate qualitative data & customer sentiments, synthesize voice of the customer-based recommendations and promote all-things Cisco to their advocate community.

Partnering with customer marketing and advocacy teams across Cisco, the Americas region generated over 53K Acts of Advocacy from their advocate community, recruited over 6.3K community members and converted over 30 of them into references, published 127 assets, and influenced nearly $40M in sales opportunities last year.

Preston will share his journey with Voice of the Customer in April during the 2024 Customer Marketing Summit in Boston.


Rita Caruso

Customer Marketing Programs Manager

Rita Caruso has worked in marketing all her life and has finally found her way to Customer Marketing. In her own words: "Customer Marketing is the happiest marketing of all time, as you can see the results almost immediately".

Within a year, Rita has fully transformed Blue Prisms’ customer communications strategy, has built multiple new processes to help the wider org self-serve references, including a quote and logo repository, and took ownership of Blue Prisms customer awards. Not only was Rita recognized by the whole Customer Experience and Marketing team within weeks for her attitude, ability, and partnership, but her achievements speak for themselves.

Rita was recognized by her peers in the Customer Experience team as "teammate of the quarter" after just 6 months in the role. As a ‘people’ person, Rita is a key figure to watch in 2024. She is customer-focused 24/7 and makes her decisions accordingly.


Sara Kelly

Senior Product (Customer) Marketing Manager

Sara Kelly has worked at FieldNation for just over 4 years. From Content Strategist to Senior Product Marketing Manager, Sara has worked and supported developing customer programs for a while.

Sara is a fantastic up-and-comer in the Customer Marketing and Advocacy space. She first worked within Product Marketing at Field Nation when she was tasked with the chance to build their customer marketing arm. In the past 6 months, she has launched a new program that has been taking off like wildfire. Coming from Product Marketing, she has a unique take on how to approach customer marketing in a way that will pay dividends.

Sara specializes in Product Marketing, go-to-market (GTM) strategy, cross-functional collaboration, copywriting, content strategy, content management, social media, research, and much more.

huge congratulations to our customer marketing heroes – keep inspiring! And thank you to all those who voted. Until next time.

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