Beyond the case study [eBook]

How to get great ROI from your customer marketing
The best customer advocacy is not based on a transactional approach.

It’s about building on your trusted relationship to maximize the value for both parties. 👇

As a CRM, you benefit from getting deeper reach across your customer’s geographies and seniority levels, while customers can get access to fresh insights, connect with their peers on industry trends, and share their story in a way that feels right for them.

We cover the various ways of doing this, and more, in our interactive eBook from distillery.

Access your copy and find out why case studies are at the heart of customer advocacy and how to make customer interactions a more holistic experience.

Key takeaways:

🔄 How can you get the most ROI from your customer advocacy program. It’s all about listening authentically to what your customers are saying and finding the right platform for them to share those insights.

🎨 How to use a range of creative formats to tell customer stories. From long-form use cases to thought leadership-led podcasts, there are endless ways to showcase your partnership with customers.

👥 How to build a thriving community. Creating a means of engagement where your customers can speak about their challenges and opportunities could yield a gold mine of information.