5 key steps to launching a new customer advocacy program [OnDemand]


Discover how to connect with your customers + create longstanding relationships by building successful advocacy programs. 🧠

There's never been a more important time to build a thriving community with your customers.

Creating that meaningful connection and helping them connect with each other is critical for their success with your product - and your success as a company.

In order for both parties to benefit though, you need to build a reputable journey to take your customers from new to experts, creating avenues and channels for connection and learning.

Catch the replay of this webinar to learn exactly how to do this, building a successful customer advocacy program from concept to execution. 🏆

Key takeaways:

💰 Understand how to build internal buy in for your program

😊 Drive customer happiness with an engaging journey

🤝 How to help your customers connect with each other and you to accelerate success

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